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750 N Edinburgh, Beverly Grove area of Los Angeles

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  NA - Multi-Family Units

This property has had a lot of controversy since 2014 and was almost demolished by the previous owners. We took over March 24, 2020 with the goal of saving it and restoring it to it’s original glory. We anticipate a year and a half of renovation.

It is an 8 unit bungalow court originally built in 1923. It has been vacant for 5 years and has been a den of illegal vagrant activities on and off during the past 5 years. Luckily, much of the original character is still there… enough of which that will enable us to recreate the missing elements in some of the units.

We will update the progress from time to time. So far, we have secured the property with a construction fence, erected a beautiful redwood fence between us and our neighbor to the South and cleared out about a dozen dump truck loads of debris brought in mostly by the frequent vagrants throughout the years.

We look forward to happier days for this once magnificent property and the surrounding neighbors.


Associate Frank Barbano

  • Mobile : 323-394-2447

Director of Development & Design. Frank Barbano is a California Real Estate Broker, Top producer and Mentor. He currently manages a small boutique realty firm…
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Associate Jamie Wolf


Jamie Wolf is a long-time member of the Los Angeles Conservancy who has been working on preservation issues (especially those involving adaptive reuse) for more…
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Associate Charles J Fisher


A versatile and independent professional with extensive skills in the historic preservation of real estate preservation, including research, documentation, advocacy. Accomplishments include the successful nomination…
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